Europe's smartest criminal, versus America's best spy.And then there's poor Emily, stuck in between. _______________________________ Wow! Jack Reacher move over. Kyle Achilles is on the job. --Ann Burgund I loved this novella. It started out fast and never stopped. --Margaret Lovett Easy to read, and hard to put down. --Todd Simpson_______________________________Rumor has it there's a Russian you can turn to if you're very rich, and need dirty deeds done without a trace. The CIA calls him Ivan the Ghost because he's operated for years without leaving a trail or revealing his face.Until now.For the first time in history, Ivan appears to have slipped. The CIA's new director sets Agent Kyle Achilles on an intercept course, surveilling the daughter of a British politician. Then Ivan pulls off a masterful con, and Emily vanishes.With Emily's life, his career, and America's reputation at stake, Achilles partners with an unlikely new agent he meets in France. Together they attempt to get one step ahead of the legendary Russian, while rubbing elbows with the ultra-rich in a high-tech international chase. Tim Tigner is fast becoming one of my all time favorites! --Ronald Spunt___________________________________________PLEASE NOTE: WITH 28 CHAPTERS, THIS NOVELLA IS ABOUT 1/3 THE SIZE OF THE AUTHOR'S OTHER THRILLERS___________________________________________Dear Reader,If you enjoy David Baldacci, Lee Child, Tom Clancy, Nelson DeMille, Ken Follett, Vince Flynn, James Patterson, Daniel Silva, or Brad Thor, odds are you'll be smiling a few pages into my books as well.Care to try before you buy? No problem. You can download one my thrillers for free at help putting the kids through college? I can appreciate that. I have a couple of my own. I'm not in a position to help you with tuition yet, but I can provide days of delightful distraction for the price of a cup of coffee, and kind reviews will get good karma sent your way.Thanks for your kind consideration,Tim________________________________________Amazon named Tim Tigneran All-Star Author in December, 2017 and every month since for being one of the 100 most-read authors in Kindle Unlimited